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Florence Travelcard. Use and Validity. Firenze Card is valid for 72 hours from your first entry into a museum. You can organize your trip and easily plan your visit to the museums, to discover the masterpieces and works of art that have made Florence famous all over the world. Jardines de Boboli Podéis ver todas las atracciones gratuitaspulsando en el siguiente enlace: 1. A validade do cartão começa no momento em que você visita o primeiro museu ou utiliza o transporte público pela primeira vez. Galería de la Academia 3. Museo degli Argenti 18. Fondazione Salvatore Romano 11. The city of Florence has various different types of transport, and these tickets can be bought in the metro stations, at tobacco shops, and newsagents.. L’elenco completo: 1. Single Ticket. Take a look at the official Firenze Card website for full details about the card and where to purchase it. Dal aprile 2019, sia gli Uffizi che l'Accademia richiede la prenotazione di una data/orario per la visita anche con la Firenze Card: dovete chiamare il call center di Firenze Musei al 055-294883 (dalle 8.30 alle 18.30 dal lunedì al venerdì; dalle 8.30 alle 12.30 il sabato, chiuso la domenica e i festivi). Learn more. Museo Nazionale del Bargello 6. Answer 1 of 15: Having read the forum about this card, I bought two for our recent first visit to Florence. Cappella Brancacci 10. Firenzecard app is the digital card to visit the main museums of Florence and enjoy special offers directly on your device. Gallery Uffizi in Florence – One of the largest museums included in the Florence Museum Pass How long is the Firenze Card, Florence Museum Pass valid for? Cappelle Medicee 12. Museo delle Porcellane 19. Museo Stefano Bardini 3. It stands in Piazza del … Palazzo Medici Riccardi 4. Museo Marino Marini 7. Firenze Pass The City Card for Florence. It is a particularly good deal in the high season, when it allows skip-the-line access to many popular museums and guaranteed time-slot reservations for the Uffizi and Accademia galleries within the validity period. In this period of time – 3 days- it allows you to enter as many of the museums included as you like, but only once. Visit the Baptistery. Free admission to the top attractions with the Florence City Pass - incl. Alternatively, just buy one in person at any outlet. Validity: The Florence City Pass is valid on the specified validity day or on two or three consecutive days (depending on the number of days that the Pass was booked for). Enjoy a free and fast track entry to the most visited and world-famous museums, the Accademia Gallery and the Uffizi Florence . Having a Florence card will help you get the most out of your visit to a city that offers as much as Firenze. The Baptistery is one of the oldest buildings in Florence. La Firenze Card è una tessera che dà accesso a numerosi musei, chiese e monumenti di Firenze per 72 ore. Costa 72€ e vale la pena farla solo se ci si trattiene in città almeno 3 giorni. Santa Maria Novella 9. Museo Horne 6. Tickets are available at Ataf automatic ticket machines, directly on the bus or at other points of sale (Ataf Point at Santa Maria Novella train station, Ticket Point). Galleria Palatina e Appartamenti Monumentali 15. Palazzo Vecchio 4. With the 72-hour Firenze card, tourists enjoy some of the world's famous attractions and museums in Florence such as the Galleria dell'Academia, the artworks of Rembrandt, Dürer, Goya, and Rubens at the Galleria degli Uffizi, the Palazzo Vecchio Museum, the symbol of Florence and the town hall. Therefore, it is no wonder that large numbers of tourists flock to this city every year. Galería Uffizi 2. The Florence City Pass is your all-inclusive low-cost sightseeing package for an exciting city break in this historic city. O cartão Firenze Card está disponível apenas na modalidade de 72 horas de validade e com um preço de € 72 (US$ 87,80). Museo Giardino di Boboli 17. For getting our best quotation for your Florence private tour, simply indicate the date, number of participants (adults 18+ and children from 6 to 17), museums to visit and we will send you our most accurate itinerary, its lenght in time and our best quotation including all priority tickets for museums. You can discover all offers reserved to the Firenzecard+ holders for a pleasant breaking: … Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi 5. Galleria … Florence, Firenze in Italian, is the birthplace of Renaissance art. You can freely choose the first day of validity in the booking process. Museo Galileo 7. Galleria dell’Accademia 14. Youd have to sightsee like mad to make the card actually pay for itself, but the savings in time are worth the extra cost for many travelers. The single ticket is valid for 90 minutes from the moment it is validated. The Firenzecard (Florence Card) is a sightseeing pass that offers priority access to almost all top sights in Florence for a period of 72 hours. Use it on public buses to travel from site to site. Algunos de los lugares en los que se puede entrar de forma gratuitason los siguientes: 1. Europe - Roma Pass, Firenze Card, Venice Museum Pass - I'm traveling to Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice) mid-May to early June. Uffizi + Galleria, guided city tour & much more. J'avais acheté la Firenze card au Musée Pitti où je n'ai pas parlé du coupon pour le bus car je pensais que c'était comme à Rome où le Roma pass donne directement accès au bus. It allows (for one person) admission to the city's major museums, villas and historical gardens, it grants a visit to permanent collections, temporary exhibitions and other activities held in these museums. Galleria d’Arte Moderna 16. Just take your receipt and some id and collect your pass at one of the sales outlets in Florence. Overall, we were able to maximize and get full use out of our Firenze Card, but I have experienced better in other cities. For a relaxed start to your stay, we recommend to buy the local transport ticket for Florence directly on site. You should put it into the yellow machines on the buses to validate. Firenzecard is a 72-hour pass for priority access to the top museums and monuments in Florence. Since 2011, Florence has an integrated museum pass called the Firenzecard. Getting the card makes the most sense from April through October, when crowds are worst. Museo di Palazzo Vecchio 2. Firenze Card The following comes directly off the very fine web site developed to support the card where you can also buy the Firenze Card online (the emphasis is mine): Firenze Card grants access to the major museums, villas and historical gardens in Florence. Should I purchase Roma Pass, Firenze Card, … It lets you skip the line at nearly all of the citys main sights. But, there is also another option called 'Amici degli Uffizi' ('Friends of the Uffizi') which might suit you better! With the Florence City Pass, a city trip to Florence becomes more fun! The Firenze Card (85 per person) is the easiest option. After the first day of usage, the Pass must be used in the following consecutive days. Museo Stibbert 8. Iglesia Santa María Novella 5. Galleria degli Uffizi 13. The most known and used type of tourist pass is called the 'Firenze Card', which is a great deal. You can buy the Firenze Card online before you leave home.

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