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Il Carroccio sorpassa Forza Italia", "Elezioni 2018: M5S primo partito, nel centrodestra la Lega supera FI", "Salvini: "La Lega guiderà governo". The matter was made part of a larger investigation by Italian authorities into the League's finances. Detiene 5 record nazionali, tutti sulle siepi: 2000 m siepi (seniores), 2000 e 3000 m siepi (promesse), 30000 m siepi (juniores) e 2000 m siepi (cadette). [56] The result was far worse than the previous EP election in 2009 (a fall of 4.0%), but better than that of the 2013 general election (a gain of 2.1%). Tosi va verso la Balena Verde. He is said to have an Emilia-Romagnan grandmother. Traballa la maggioranza del governo in Senato", " - Scheda di attività di Matteo SALVINI - XVIII Legislatura", "Dizionario italiano multimediale e multilingue d'ortografia e di pronunzia", "Who is Matteo Salvini? [35] In the Parliament, he sat in the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group. [citation needed], On social issues, Salvini opposes same-sex marriage, while he supports the legalisation of brothels. Centrodestra prima coalizione. Matteo Salvini is an Italian politician who has been serving as the Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and the Minister of the Interior since 2018. [199], Salvini also endorsed the Republican candidate in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Donald Trump, whom he met in April 2016 in Philadelphia. Additionally, Belsito was given prison sentences. Recent. Dopo aver divorziato dalla moglie, Salvini ha convissuto con l'avvocato Giulia Martinelli – comasca, classe 1979 dalla quale ha avuto una figlia, Mirta, nata nel dicembre 2012. “Defending Italy is not a crime. Após seu divórcio, ele teve uma filha, Mirta, por seu parceiro doméstico Giulia Martinelli em 2012. [203], In 2016, a retweet posted from Salvini's Twitter account called for the shooting of "communist judges". [174] He supports looser gun laws and has pushed that issue as interior minister. [103] In his speech after Conte's resignation, Mattarella declared that the two parties wanted to bring Italy out of the Eurozone, and as the guarantor of the Italian Constitution and the country's interest and stability he could not allow this. He was an active member of Young Padanians Movement, LN's youth faction, of which he became city coordinator for Milan in 1992 and city secretary in 1997. [32] During the legislature he selected Franco Bossi, brother of the party's secretary Umberto, as his parliamentary assistant.[33]. The scheme involved the Russian state-owned oil company Rosneft selling 3 million dollars worth of diesel to an Italian company. (source: [169][170] In September 2018, he said: "I’m paid by citizens to help our young people start having children again the way they did a few years ago, and not to uproot the best of the African youth to replace Europeans who are not having children anymore". [168] Salvini is also opposed to illegal immigration into Italy and the EU and the EU's management of asylum seekers. La lunga giornata del Colle", "Governo, Conte incaricato da Mattarella: "Sarò lʼavvocato difensore degli italiani" - Tgcom24", "Governo, il giorno della rinuncia di Conte. Born in Milan in 1973, Salvini joined what was then the Northern League in 1990, aged just 17, rising quickly through the ranks. [175], In foreign policy he opposed Turkey's accession to the European Union,[176] criticized Saudi Arabia for its treatment of women,[177] opposed the international embargo against Russia of 2014,[178][179] supported recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,[180] and supported an economic opening to Eastern Europe and to countries in Asia such as India, China and North Korea. In 1993 he was elected in the City Council of Milan, a post that he would hold until 2012. [190] Upon becoming Deputy Prime Minister, he also praised Saudi Arabia as "an element of stability and reliability both in bilateral relations and as an actor in the more general Middle Eastern chessboard", and pledged to expand security, economic, commercial and cultural ties with the Kingdom. Wikipedia's Matteo Salvini as translated by GramTrans. [153], On 16 June 2018, Matteo Salvini said, "These people should know that Italy no longer wants to be any part of this business of clandestine immigration and they will have to look for other ports to go to", "As minister and as a father, I take this action for the benefit of all". [146] Early in his tenure, numerous media outlets noted that despite Salvini's junior status in the governing coalition, he placed himself in a role even more dominant than Conte and appeared to set Italy's agenda. [125], In August 2019, in yet another funding scandal unrelated to the previously mentioned Russia investigations, Italy's highest court sentenced Salvini's party to pay back 49 million euros ($54.83 million) of illegally acquired taxpayer funding to the Italian state. The LSP, whose platform had been published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale in December 2017[115] and had been described as a "parallel party",[116][117] might eventually replace both the LN and NcS, which would be merged into one. Riparte la trattativa giallo-verde", "Di Maio: "Impeachment non più sul tavolo". In the same year, he became deputy secretary of the Lombard League, along with Marco Reguzzoni, and the party leader in the city council. [204], In September 2018, Salvini endorsed conservative nationalist candidate Jair Bolsonaro in the Brazilian presidential election that year. Check the model profile of Giulia Martinelli from Italy. Gli inizi e la prima medaglia ai campionati italiani giovanili, 2006-2008: primo titolo italiano giovanile, 2009-2010: prima medaglia agli assoluti, vittoria nella Coppa del mediterraneo juniores e mondiali juniores, 2011-2012: esordio nella Nazionale assoluta, record nazionale sui 2000 metri siepi ed esclusione dalle olimpiadi londinesi, 2013-2016: assenza dagli assoluti per problemi fisici ed infortuni, Campionati italiani assoluti e promesse indoor, Liste italiane all time - Donne, 3000 metri siepi, Scheda dell'atleta sul sito ufficiale del Gruppo Sportivo della Forestale, Giulia Martinelli a Bruxelles stacca il biglietto per Londra, Criteri di partecipazione ai Giochi Olimpici 2012. [6], He has been considered a hardline Eurosceptic politician, holding a starkly critical view of the European Union, especially of the euro. [41] Of these, only Bossi and Salvini gathered the 1,000 necessary signatures by party members to take part in the internal "primary", and Salvini collected four times the signatures gathered by Bossi. Nel 2005 ha vinto la prima medaglia in un campionato italiano giovanile: bronzo agli italiani cadette di corsa campestre; poi è giunta al quinto posto sia ai nazionali di categoria di corsa in montagna che agli italiani cadette sui 2000 m. Altro bronzo nazionale giovanile, sempre da cadetta, nel 2006 sui 1000 m e diciannovesima posizione ai nazionali di categoria di corsa campestre. Link to post Share on other sites "the man" "the man" New Comer; Members; 6 posts; Posted … Caroline Martinelli and Giulia Carolina Vaz. [207] After his divorce he had a daughter, Mirta, by his domestic partner Giulia Martinelli in 2012. I am proud of it, I would do it again, and I will do it again," Salvin was quoted as saying. Model image search. [90][91][92], On 9 May, after a day of rumours, both Salvini and Di Maio officially requested that President Mattarella give them 24 more hours to strike a government agreement between the two parties. Live Statistics. Sempre nel 2011 è stata quinta sui 5000 m agli assoluti. Giulia Martinelli (2011–2014) Elisa Isoardi (2015–2018) Francesca Verdini (2019–) Children: 2: Signature: Website: Official website: Matteo Salvini (Italian pronunciation: [matˈtɛːo salˈviːni]; born 9 March 1973) is an Italian politician who served as Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of the Interior from 1 June 2018 to 5 September 2019. In the meantime, the parties' joint parliamentary groups were named "League–Salvini Premier" in the Chamber[118] and "League–Salvini Premier–Sardinian Action Party" in the Senate. L'Italia sarebbe preda di speculazioni", "Europee 2014, nuovo simbolo Lega. Every page goes through several hundred of perfecting techniques; in live mode. [95] On their meeting with President Mattarella, both parties asked for an additional week of negotiations to agree on a detailed government programme and a prime minister to lead the joint government. Just better. [86], On 24 March, the centre-right coalition and the Five Star Movement agreed on the election of presidents of the Houses of Parliament, Roberto Fico of M5S for the Chamber and Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati of Forza Italia for the Senate. Let's stop the business of illegal immigration. Quite the same Wikipedia. [198] In January 2020, Salvini stated his support for moving Italy's embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. English Articles. Both M5S and the League announced their intention to ask their respective members to vote on the government agreement by the weekend. The LN had never polled so high in those five regions before. The party also came second in Liguria with 22.3%, second in Tuscany with 16.2%, third in the Marche with 13.0% and third in Umbria with 14.0%. [100][101] In the traditional statement after the appointment, Conte said that he would be the "defense lawyer of the Italian people". [106] On 28 May 2018, the Democratic Party (PD) announced that it would abstain from voting for Cottarelli, while the Five Star Movement and the center-right parties Forza Italia (FI), Brothers of Italy (FdI) and the League announced their vote against. Scopri tutti i prodotti della linea Casa del Gorgonzola a base di Gorgonzola Dolce e Piccante DOP. Prima medaglia agli italiani assoluti nel 2009 di bronzo sui 3000 m siepi (tra i primi 15 migliori tempi italiani femminili all-time sui 3000 m siepi, quasi tutti stabiliti dalla primatista Elena Romagnolo, lei ne detiene due e l'altro appartiene ad Emma Quaglia[1]); argento nella stessa specialità agli italiani juniores. [160], On 12 June 2019, the Sea Watch 3 ship picked up 53 migrants in the Mediterranean off the Libyan coast. [34] However he resigned on 13 July 2009, after being elected once again in the European Parliament in the June election. However, Salvini defended the claims, and said his actions only went as far as protecting Italy. Leading up to the 2019 European Parliament election, Salvini worked to create a pan-European alliance of nationalist political parties,[129][130][131][132][133] and he continued these efforts after the election. The decree also suspended the refugee application process of those who were considered "socially dangerous" or who had been convicted of a crime. Salvini was sworn in as interior minister after striking a last-gasp deal to resurrect a coalition with Five Star Movement head Luigi Di Maio, an agreement that has now brough Italy a … Ecco chi sono... Primati e migliori prestazioni italiane - Donne, 2010 IAAF World Junior Championships - 3000 Metres Steeplechase W Final, Atletica, Europei; 3000 st donne Martinelli fuori dalla finale, ATLETICA: Dodici medaglie, Ori Bazzoni, Caravelli, Galvan, Gibilisco, staffette 4x100, La rappresentativa altoatesina col fiato corto Al Trofeo delle regioni i nostri lontani dal podio, Campionati italiani individuali giovanili corsa in montagna allievi/e - cadetti/e - Corsa in montagna Cadette mt 2405, Campionati italiani di corsa campestre 2006 CLASSIFICA FEMMINILE - Categoria Cadette - Km 2, Campionato italiano individuale cadetti e cadette 2006 - 1000 metri cadette, Campionati italiani indoor allievi-juniores-promesse 2007 - 1000 metri allieve, Campionati italiani individuali allievi/e 2007 - 2000 siepi allieve h76, Campionati italiani individuali allievi/e 2007 - Staffetta 4 x 400 allieve, Campionati italiani indoor allievi-juniores-promesse 2008 - 1000 metri allieve, Campionati italiani individuali su pista allievi-allieve 2008 - 2000 siepi h76 allieve, Campionati italiani individuali su pista allievi-allieve 2008 - Staffetta 4 x 400 allieve, Campionati italiani indoor allievi-juniores-promesse 2009 - 1500 metri juniores donne, Campionati italiani indoor allievi-juniores-promesse 2009 - 800 metri juniores donne, Campionati italiani juniores e promesse 2009 - 1500 m juniores donne, Campionati italiani juniores e promesse 2009 - 3000 siepi/st juniores donne h76, Campionati italiani individuali assoluti su pista 2009 - 3000 siepi h76 donne, Campionati italiani juniores e promesse 2010 - 1500 m juniores d, Campionati italiani juniores e promesse 2010 - 3000 siepi/st juniores d, Campionati italiani individuali assoluti su pista 2010 - 3000 st donne, Campionati italiani individuali assoluti su pista 2011 - 5000 m donne, Campionati italiani assoluti e promesse indoor 2012 - 3000 m donne, Campionati italiani assoluti e promesse indoor 2012 - podio 3000 metri promesse donne, Campionati italiani individuali di corsa campestre 2012 - promesse lungo donne km 8, Campionati italiani individuali di corsa campestre 2012 - lungo donne km 8, Campionati italiani juniores e promesse 2012 - 3000 siepi promesse d, Campionato italiano individuale assoluto 10 km su strada 2013 - Corsa strada km 10 J/P/S F, Campionati italiani individuali e di società di corsa campestre 2016 - Campionato italiano promesse/seniores d, Bosnia and Herzegovina Steeple Results: Euro Champs Junior Clubs Cup, Group AEuro Champs Junior Clubs Cup, Group A 2005, Azzurri 2009 - Rappresentativa Juniores Donne - Martinelli Giulia, Azzurri 2010, Rappresentativa Juniores Donne - Martinelli Giulia, Italy Steeple Results - Euro Junior B&C Clubs 2010, Memorial Nebiolo, a segno La Mantia e Donato, Lemaitre senza rivali sui 100 Agli Europei a squadre fa 9”95, San Giorgio su Legnano (MI): 55° Cross del Campaccio, Migliori prestazioni italiane nei 3000 metri siepi,, Template Webarchive - collegamenti all'Internet Archive, Voci con bandierine di atletica leggera mancanti, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo, 5ª ai Campionati italiani allievi/e-cadetti/e di corsa in montagna, (Prosto di, 5ª ai Campionati italiani cadetti e cadette, (, 19ª ai Campionati italiani cadetti e cadette di corsa campestre, (, 17ª ai Campionati italiani allievi-juniores-promesse indoor, (, 7ª ai Campionati italiani allievi-juniores-promesse indoor, (, 12ª ai Campionati italiani allievi-juniores-promesse indoor, (, 13ª ai Campionati italiani juniores e promesse, (, 14ª ai Campionati italiani assoluti di corsa campestre, (, In finale ai Campionati italiani assoluti 10 km su strada, (, 33ª ai Campionati italiani di corsa campestre, (. [154] On 18 June 2018, Salvini announced the government would conduct a census of Romani people in Italy for the purpose of deporting all who are not in the country legally. Salvini opposes illegal immigration into Italy and the EU as well as the EU's management of asylum seekers. In February 2020, the Senate formally authorized a trial against Salvini over the Gregoretti Italian coastguard ship case, in which – as Interior Minister at the time – he is accused of kidnapping the rescued migrants by forbidding the ship from docking the port of Augusta, Sicily. On 14 June, Italy closed its ports to migrant rescue ships. [12][155][156][157] However, this measure was criticized as unconstitutional and was opposed by all the opposition parties and also by some members of the M5S. He has also been Federal Secretary of the Northern League since December 2013 Consequently, Mattarella announced his intention to soon appoint a "neutral government" (irrespective of M5S and League's refusal to support such an option) to take over from the Gentiloni Cabinet which was considered unable to lead Italy into a second consecutive election as it was representing a majority from a past legislature, and offering an early election in July (on what would be the first ever summer general election in Italy) as a realistic option to take into consideration due to the deadlock situation. [196] However, he prefers dialogue over new sanctions. Risiede a Rieti ed il 18 novembre del 2010 è stata arruolata dal Gruppo Sportivo Forestale[2]. "[147][148], Days after taking his oath, the new Interior Minister created a diplomatic incident with Tunisia, stating that the country sent Italy only convicts who came to Europe with the sole aim of committing crimes. [16][17][18][better source needed], Matteo Salvini was born in Milan in 1973, the son of a business executive and a housewife. [165] Salvini's alleged gambit failed, as Conte successfully negotiated the formation of a new cabinet with centre-left Democratic Party. RAD TRAD NATIONALIST HERO: Lega Nord's Apostate Catholic Matteo Salvini Divorced Fabrizia Ieluzzi In 2010 - His Domestic Partners Giulia Martinelli & Elisa Isoardi June 11, 2018 Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; The man who has declared war on Rome and the Pope is Lega Nord's Apostate Catholic Matteo Salvini. [85] On 6 March, Salvini repeated his campaign message that his party would refuse any coalition with the Five Star Movement.
After turning away a boatload of African refugees from the rescue ship Aquarius, Salvini revelled in the international condemnation. [189], Salvini supported the Saudi-led blockade of Qatar prior to taking office on the grounds that Qatar funded terrorism. Salvini opposes same-sex unions and has said he wants to deport foreign criminals and shut down Roma camps. [20][21], Salvini studied at the Classical Lyceum "Alessandro Manzoni" in Milan and later attended the University of Milan where he first studied political science and then moved to history; however, he interrupted his studies in order to start his political career and never graduated. After he was re-elected in 2009 as an MEP, he sat on the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection and was a member of the delegation for relations with India, and the delegation for relations with the Korean peninsula. [119] According to news sources, all this is closely related to the seizure by the judiciary of the bank accounts of the LN, after the conviction of Bossi and Belsito for fraud (see Lega Nord#From Bossi to Maroni). [194], Salvini has been critical of Iranian policy towards Israel,[195] and expressed scepticism towards the Iran nuclear deal. He has even made moves to gain votes in southern Italy, until recently enemy territory for what is now simply named “The League”. Boso: la Lega non è di destra | L'Indipendenza Nuova", "Tosi: non si può uscire dall'euro. Mr Salvini is divorced and has two children, one from his ex-wife journalist Fabrizia Ieluzzi and one from his former partner Giulia Martinelli. The Italian authority told the vessel to ask Malta to provide a disembarkation port, but Malta has also refused. The party's growing popularity among voters was reflected also in a constant rise in opinion polls. [42], On 7 December 2013, Salvini, who counted on the support of Roberto Maroni and most of the party's senior figures (including Flavio Tosi, who had renounced a bid of his own), defeated Umberto Bossi with 82% of the vote in the "primary". The LN were third with 15.2% in Veneto (although Tosi obtained many more votes than Salvini, a fact that demonstrated Tosi's popular support and that the party was far from united on the anti-euro stance),[57] ahead of Forza Italia (FI) and the other parties having emerged from the defunct People of Freedom, and fourth in Lombardy with 14.6%. Join Facebook to connect with Giulia Martinelli and others you may know. When I wasn't even interested in politics". Someone can tell me who are these model please? [30][31], Secretary of Lega Nord (2013–present) Quattro medaglie con due titoli nazionali promesse nel 2012: 3000 m indoor e 3000 m siepi outdoor; argento sui 3000 m agli assoluti indoor, bronzo nella corsa campestre promesse e quattordicesimo posto assoluto; era iscritta sui 3000 m siepi agli assoluti, ma non ha gareggiato. [52], In April 2014, Salvini presented the party's logo for the European Parliament election, with Basta Euro ("No more Euro") replacing Padania,[53] to emphasize the party's Euroscepticism and desire to exit from the Eurozone.

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